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Supporting iProjects means Supporting Nationals...

100% of the funds collected by iProjects goes to the field. 

See how your donation can be making a difference!

Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of iProjects.

Place my support in the area most needed

Below you can find the people, programs and projects which make up 100% of the iProjects annual budget.  We value your input and passion, and would like to help you direct your donation to the areas in which the Holy Spirit directs you to give.  However, we are also happy to help you by directing your donation in the places most needed.  

Directed Support Options:

Click on the box below the graph to direct your support to a particular program or project.  You will be redirected to a specific funding page for this program or project. Each link is unique!  

Support Feeding Programs
Support Construction Labour
Support Sewing Hope
Support Student Scholarships
Support Pastors
Support Jorge and Gloria Cotrina
Support Alex and Juana Cotrina
Support La Buena Semilla

Teams and Special Projects:

Cuba Team Support
Medical Team Support
Construction Team Support
Guatemala Team Support
Family Ministry Team Support
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