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Puerto Maldonado - La Buena Semilla

Located in the Amazon jungle, approximately 10kms outside the town of Puerto Maldonado, Peru you will find the children’s home La Buena Semilla (The Good Seed). This home, originally built in 2009, is currently home to 17 children between the ages of 4 and 13. These are children  that have been removed from their homes by the local Family and Children’s Services because of many factors that have put them in a position of risk for serious harm. Puerto Maldonado is a city that, like Iquitos, grew quickly out of the need for rubber. Along with that quick growth came many social issues that continue to be prevalent and it is these situations of sexual abuse, drug abuse and human trafficking that the children of La Buena Semilla have come from. La Buena Semilla gives the children a home of hope while they wait to be reunited with a family member or adopted into a Peruvian family.

Currently there are 4 Peruvian national staff members: Charo, the director and support worker, Diego, a missionary from Lima, Luzmi, who cooks and supports the care of the children and  Davinci, who oversees maintenance and management of the cacao farm initiative. The farm was started 2 years ago with the hope that it would finance the home, but it will take several years to supply full funding. This is an opportunity for Peruvian and international mission teams to support the home and change the lives of these children through projects and sponsorship.


Prayer Requests and Needs:

Please pray for the children we have in our care.  That they may feel love, and acceptance and know that they are children of God.  Pray that they find healing in him. 

Pray for protection for the children and those who serve in the home. There is much crime in the area, and drugs and human trafficing is a great danger to all who live in the area.


Pray for continued funding for the home, that we can continue to serve and be vessels of love to these children.  We are praying that the farm and other projects start to support the home financially, as we are currently short in funding.  

Meet The Team



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