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Our Focus for 2023

Food Insecurity 

Growing up many of us were fortunate enough to come from a home with parents who were great providers and we never had to deal with the issue of food insecurity. In short we were blessed in that we never had to wonder where our next meal was coming from. Sadly the same cannot be said for many of the people who live in the communities that we serve. This is especially true as a result of the worsening conditions created by the pandemic. People who were already living at the margins have found it even harder to make ends meet. Widows, orphans, seniors and children have been greatly impacted.

To respond to this growing need, Isaiah Projects is launching a three pronged approach to helping fight the issue of food insecurity:

1) delivering Food Packages for Families

2) growing our Feeding Programs

3) developing the farm land we own outside Puerto Maldonado, Peru.

Food Packages 

Our goal this year is to alleviate food insecurity for families by providing 500 food packages to families in Cuba, Mexico and Peru. Each food package will be  prepared with the receiving family in mind and will include staples such as eggs, rice, beans, lentils, chicken, cooking oil, tinned tuna, potatoes, and seasonal vegetables. The approximate cost of a food package is $40CDN ($30USD) and the number of packages provided will be determined by the amount of money donated to support this initiative. Ideally products will be purchased at a discount by purchasing in bulk. The number of food packages provided each month will be updated in our monthly newsletter. To sign up for the newsletter click here  

Feeding Programs

Up until 2022 Isaiah Projects was the proud supporter of 6 feeding programs in Peru along with an after school program in Pacasmayo and a home for abused children in Puerto Maldonado. To help increase our impact in the area of food insecurity Isaiah Projects is committing to expand funding for feeding programs by adding  one in Cozumel, Mexico, which will run four days a week, and 3 additional locations in Peru that will run once a week. Our current programs run  in Cajamarca, Piura (x2) Huacho, Pachacutec, and Carabyllo. We have plans to add a second program in Pachacutec and new programs in Yurimaguas and Satipo starting in March. Once all 9 feeding programs are established we will expand the program by increasing funding to individual locations to allow more children to be fed. Even the smallest donation can make a significant difference in the life of a hungry child. 

Developing our farm in Puerto Maldonado

In 2009 Isaiah Projects purchased 26 hectares of land outside of Puerto Maldonado with the intention of building a home for abused and marginalized children. Construction of the home took many years but  is now substantially complete. To help with the sustainability of the land, in 2017 Isaiah Projects planted  a cocoa farm which is now beginning to yield a healthy crop which will help to offset the cost of running the home. The current farm covers approximately 6 hectares of the available land thus leaving a significant area available for further development. This year, as part of the food insecurity initiative, funds will be used to clear several hectares of land in order to plant vegetables and other staples like corn that can be used to help with our feeding initiatives. This program is still in the planning stage but work will begin in March as the rainy season comes to an end and labourers are hired to start the work. Produce grown will either be sold to help purchase food packages for families, or where possible the produce will be shipped to our feeding programs.

Your donation, whether one-time or monthly can make a huge difference in the fight against food insecurity

To help feed those in need click: 

Is it not to share your food with the hungry
   and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter

                       Isaiah 58:7

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