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Lima Peru - Multiple Sites

iProjects supports a variety of programs in and around the capital city of Peru with the assistance of our missionaries Alex and Jorge Cotrina.  In Pachecutec, with the help of several mission teams and Peruvian workers, we have already constructed 3 homes and are currently completing the work on a second church.  Work has also been started on the New Hope Academy, which will hopefully one day consist of a school with adjoining sports fields and a medical centre.  The government recently completed the soccer fields to go along with the change rooms iProjects constructed.  In Carabyllo, work has been done to finish Jorge's church and a church renovation is also being completed in San Martin.  As the church is considered the hub of the community in these poor areas, they are used for sewing programs run by Rosa (Alex's mother-in-law), feeding programs, discipleship as well as regular church services.  In total 6 feeding programs are supported by iProjects in Peru.  A number of mission teams from Canada go to Lima each year to provide the need for leadership, staff, supplies and funds to support the sewing and construction ministries, as well as our new medical and family ministries.  Upcoming teams consist of one focused on the sewing ministry in late November as well as a construction team mid-February and medical team early April.  Ongoing financial support is always needed to fund these projects and teams.


Prayer Requests and Needs:

Please pray for continued support of the programs and people iProjects is supporting.  

Also pray for the pastors and leaders who are working hard to bring the gospel and hope to their people.  Most work in a career while also pastoring their church.  Pray for continued strength, health and financial support.  

Lastly, pray that discernment will continue to happen as to how God is calling iProjects to serve and support the ongoing work in Peru.  

Meet The Team

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Alex and Juana Cotrina

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Jorge and Gloria Cotrina

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Equipo de Sueños

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