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Camaguey - Cuba

With an existing long-term relationship with Cuba missionaries Rose and Carlos Isaiah Projects began working with a team in Camaguey, Cuba in 2016. Through year-round community programming, iProjects Cuba provides support through donations and fundraising, despite the political climate. We work closely with Cuban nationals working in Camaguey who have a huge heart for God. Pastoral support, bi-weekly kids programs, summer VBS programs and other humanitarian projects, as identified by the Cuban team, are all part of the outreach programs supported through iProjects Cuba. We are already seeing changes in these poor communities. For families and their children who would not otherwise receive education, a home, or supplies, we are seeing the change and growth through God’s work. Our goal is to make sure that each iProjects mission trip is a valuable and positive experience for all participants. Through building and growing relationships in Cuba and being open to the people and situations God places in front of us, we are excited for the opportunity to serve Him and share His hope with Cuba.

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Rose and Carlos

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