A team will be travelling to Lima from November 4-14th to start the construction of New Hope Academy. Call 519-841-3892 or email alan@isaiahprojects.com to ask for an application form. If ten days is too long a seven day option is available.

Service Opportunities:

Here are three very practical ways to get involved:

Join a team and show your compassion for those less fortunate than us with some good old-fashioned "sweat equity." Teams will be travelling to Lima over the next five years to be actively involved in the construction of the various phases of the urban development plan. Many people find a service trip like this life changing and come back with a completely new perspective on life. The dates of upcoming trips will be posted on the website at regular intervals.

Be part of a fundraiser. Isaiah projects has an annual golf tournament (Sept 19th) and a scrap-booking event (iCrop Jan 16th, 2016). Register for one of these events and you will experience a day of fun while also helping a very worthy cause. This year Isaiah Projects will also be having a Dinner  and Dance on October 23rd to commemorate and celebrate the fact that the Ministry has raise $1,000,000 since it began operations. It will also be the kick off to raising the next million! If you would like more information on any of these events you can contact Isaiah Projects at 519 841 3892. If you would like to host a fundraising event we would love to work in collaboration with you.

​Make a financial contribution. The work that we do is contingent on the generous support of people like you. Simply put, without donors we will not be able to complete the work that we believe we are being called to complete. 100% of your donation goes into bricks and mortar to drive the project forward, administrative costs for the ministry are covered by the donations of our board of directors. We believe that all of the money you donate should go to support the cause that you wish to support. Donations can be made on a one time basis or through a monthly direct deposit program. Any support you can offer will be gratefully accepted. As a registered charity in Canada, donors are eligible to receive a tax receipt. Starting the process is as simple as clicking on the donation button you see here.

Our design plan:

as soon as architectural plans have been completed and approved.  The construction is slated to take place over a five year period and will be phased in so that facilities will be usable as soon as they are completed. It is hoped that New Hope Academy will open in a scaled down form for the 2017 school year. Construction will be completed  through the joint efforts of  people from three different continents as team from Canada and the United Kingsom join forces with our Peruvian friends from the local community. The first of these teams is scheduled to travel to Peru in November 2015 after fundraising efforts have generated some of the money necessary to fund the project. 

In May 2015 iProjects committed to help improve the quality of life for the people of Cuidad Pachecutec through the development of an urban plan which will see the construction of  New Hope Academy, a school serving children from kintergarden to grade 12, the Emmanuel Medical Clinic, and a community centre with adjoining sports fields. The construction will take place on 6400 square metres of land donated by the community with construction to begin in 2015

The Future:

Isaiah Projects is proud to continue its partnership with the people of Lima through the ongoing funding of people and projects that help to make a difference in the everyday lives of those we are fortunate enough to be able to support. Our ongoing effort include:

  • Pastoral Support - most pastors in Lima are not paid. Our support helps then to focus more on ministry and less on how to sustain their family.
  • Feeding Program - once a month we are able to provide food for the children of a church in Cuidad Pachecutec.
  • Educational Support - We are able to help children with their education through financial support
  • Kid's Camp - Each year we pay for as many children as we can afford to go to camp for a few days simply so they can be kids and enjoy a break from the realities of life living in Lima.
  • Construction Ministry - even when teams are not in Lima, we continue to fund projects to completion by hiring local craftsmen to finish the work that we have started.

Ongoing MInstry:

Juan and Celia's New House

​Juan and Celia's Old House

Since Feb 2014 two other houses have been constructed for deserving families. The firat now belongs to Augosto and his wife Mirian and is located kitty corner to the church. The second was built in the neighbouring community of Carabyllo for a wonderful couple, Juan and Celia. Juan owns a lot of land and has donated a portion of it for the future development of a school in the area. Despite all the land that he possesses, Juan and his wife live a very humble life and so we wanted to bless him with  a new home. The before and after pictures capture quite well the reason that we felt called to improve their living conditions. Celia loves her new home and is so grateful for this blessings.

​In Feb 2014 a second team travelled to Lima to construct a church for the community of Cuidad Pachecutec. The existing church was in terrible shape and was not safe. Compounding the problem was the fact that the church was landlocked on a parcel of land which measured only 8 x 15 metres. The only solution was to build a two storey church. In just two weeks the team was able to tear down the existing church, pour  a new foundation and build a new church. Since the team has left, the community has continued to develop the interior of the church building by adding drywall to the walls and tile to the floor.  It is very encouraging to see how the church has become a central pillar for the entire community and that they have taken the initiative to continue to develop the facility.

Our initial project was the construction of a house for Jose and his family. Jose's family were chosen by a local Pastor because of the way that Jose has continually giving back to his community despite the conditions in which they lived in. In February of 2013 a team of seven missionaries travelled form Canada to Lima to radically transform the house that the family were living in. In just one week the team was able to take down the existing structure and replace it with one that by North American standards would not have been considered much at all, but by the standards of where Jose and his family live, is considered a very comfortable home. Jose and his family were beyond words at the gift they received.

Lima City is the capital of Peru, located on the West Coast of South America.  It is located in the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín rivers, in the central coastal part of the country, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Together with the seaport of Callao, it forms a contiguous urban area known as the Lima Metropolitan Area. With a population of almost 10 million, Lima is the most populous metropolitan area of Peru, and the third largest city in the Americas  just behind Sao Paulo City and Mexico City. Lima is made up of thirty densely populated districts, each headed by a local mayor and the Mayor of Lima, whose authority extends to these and the thirteen outer districts of the Lima province. The majority of work that Isaiah Projects has undertaken in Lima has been in the District of Cuidad Pachecutec which it technically in the municipality of Callao.

Past Projects:

Isaiah Projects has been working in relationship with two ministries in Lima, Equipo de Suenos, a collective of some 25 churches across the city and Mision Cristiana La Gloria de Dios, a Peruvian Association headed up by Alex and Jorge Cotrina. Since 2012 our desire has been to empower Peruvian leaders through financial support and the construction of projects that will have an impact on the communities in which we work. 

Lima, Peru

"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters, you did for me"

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