La Buena Semilla is located in the small town of Puerto Maldonado. The project property is 62 acres alongside the Tambopata River in the Amazon jungle of South Eastern Peru. The home was originally built in 2009 and opened shortly thereafter, caring for many tween and teen age girls through the years. La Buena Semilla has eight four-person dorms, each with a private bathroom. It also has a large kitchen and common area, and a 700 square foot apartment for the directors’ family. The home is a non-government rescue home for boys and girls who have either been abandoned or suffered abuse.

The home provides permanent and transitional care for boys and girls who are victims of family violence and abuse, and those who are abandoned, or homeless. Through mentorship, nurturing care, and biblical counsel our team is able to provide a safe environment for these children to flourish and feel safe. The home provides safe housing, education, and assistance to the children who have varying emotional and developmental problems, and have suffered material and moral abandonment. The team provide a caring, loving home where the children can heal from their past, and offers each child hope for the future.

​​We are dedicated to serving the boys and girls in our care so that they may become rehabilitated from the situations in the past that have caused them so much pain. We work closely with the local Government through MIMP, (Children’s aid Peru). MIMP tell us they are processing up to  60 children a month. 

Currently the monthly budget increases by $150 per child per month entering the home, but there can be additional expenses depending on medical and dental care required. This does not allow for anything fancy, only basic needs, public schooling, food, clothing, and personal items. They receive no monetary support from the local Government and rely on funding from churches, personal donations, and corporate sources. Would you prayerfully consider how you can help support La Buena Semilla. “It takes a village to raise a child,” please consider becoming a part of our village. We pray that God will preserve us as living vessels in His hands.

A rescue home for Boys and Girls in  Puerto Maldonado, Peru. 

La Buena Semilla (The Good Seed)